Alcohol, Speed Played Part in Fatal Accident

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Alcohol, Speed Played Part in Fatal Accident

Postby Doc » October 6th, 2010, 2:25 pm

This one hit close to home.. I travel this road every day to and from work.

Thompson was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center with serious injuries. He has been charged with driving under the influence and additional charges could be filed.

Could be filed? How about MANSLAUGHTER!!! There's a way in Virginia to check traffic offenses online, and this j*** has had quite a few, including a prior DUI. I hope they throw the book at him.

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Re: Alcohol, Speed Played Part in Fatal Accident

Postby EasyRides » October 6th, 2010, 9:38 pm

I like the bumper-sticker "Kill a biker, Go to Jail". This guy is a two-time loser, so he should get the maximum penalty allowable under law. He has shown that he doesn't give a d..n about anyone else' life, so I think that he should "burn"! Harsh, maybe, but evidently he's either unwilling to, or incapable of change, and I for one, don't want him to get another chance to kill someone else, or their kids. Sermon, over.............
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