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New member intro

Postby twian55 » June 14th, 2011, 10:12 am

Hello! i am twian55 from Greensburg PA.

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Re: New member intro

Postby teddybearfrmhell » June 14th, 2011, 10:30 am

DISCLAIMER: I would like to appologize in advance, if anything i say makes you cry, it was not my intention to get your panties in a bunch.

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Re: New member intro

Postby The Volusianator » June 14th, 2011, 11:53 am

Welcome to the VOL from the home of Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers!


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Re: New member intro

Postby Da_Skunk » June 14th, 2011, 12:59 pm


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Re: New member intro

Postby mightydog » June 14th, 2011, 3:15 pm

howdy and welcome!

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Re: New member intro

Postby ecks » June 14th, 2011, 3:40 pm

Hello, I am Ecks from Candy Mountain.
If you p**** us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

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Re: New member intro

Postby ds_ohio » June 14th, 2011, 4:01 pm

welcome from sw ohio
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Re: New member intro

Postby Silverfox » July 13th, 2011, 9:25 am

Welcome from Mich...............Home of the 0-16 Detroit Lions...............(sigh)....................

Jeff................Just Ride...............Blessed

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Re: New member intro

Postby Rob61 » July 13th, 2011, 9:46 am

Welcome from VA
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Re: New member intro

Postby soflavol » July 13th, 2011, 12:26 pm

welcome from south florida!
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I will choose a path thats clear, I will choose free will.

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