Helmet Law Protester Dies

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Re: Helmet Law Protester Dies

Postby BottleCap » July 12th, 2011, 3:21 pm

Here's my thing on safety laws.

I, and I'm sure others here, have jobs where it's damn nice to have some safety laws. I do not believe I have the right to enter a confined space without checking the atmosphere. I do not believe I have a right go over the hand rail above open water without a work vest on. My employer does not have the right to make me do those things either. I'm glad for that. Gas meters and work vests cost money. Money they wouldn't spend if I had a right to die from hydrogen sulfide and drown because I was free to not follow proper safety. Worker safety has improved greatly due to safety laws.
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Re: Helmet Law Protester Dies

Postby Rob » July 12th, 2011, 7:18 pm

Doc wrote:I agree in some cases, but not all about laws being enacted by those affected..

A good one that passed in VA this year and just went into affect is the 2 minute red light law. If you're on a motorcycle and stop at a red light.. if you sit there for two minutes and the light does not change, you can now LEGALLY proceed through the light once you've determined that no traffic is coming. Bikers got this one passed.. Good law!

[CLAP] Hopefully Maryland will soon follow. I've had to run many a red light up here.
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