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Gmax Helmet

Postby BottleCap » April 2nd, 2013, 10:29 pm

I bought a Gmax helmet. My wife, who hardly rides, has one and likes how hers fits.

I got the Gmax Max 54S modular. $175. Damn inexpensive for a DOT helmet.

They call themselves "The better fitting helmet". I'll say it's the different fitting helmet. I feel it resting on the front of my forehead. Not digging in or really even pressing down, just resting. The overall fit feels fine.

The clear shield is optically correct as is the drop down tinted visor. No vision issues at all. The tinted visor comes down really far too. Great coverage.

The jaw locks down metal on metal.

It's outer shell goes down farther than my other two helmets. Maybe good for protection, but it does bump against the back pad of my jacket.

It has deep ear pockets and a removable chin skirt. The padding feels nice and can be taken out for washing. The ear pockets are also made to accommodate speakers.

Wind noise is fair for a modular. No whistling. No roaring. I can hear my bike and surroundings.

Vents a plenty. They work. And with how far the tinted visor comes down, it's easy to ride with the clear shield cracked open and not get my eyes dried out.

This is the model with the red LED in the back. Anything to improve visibility to cages is a good thing.

All in all, I liked my Nolan N90 better, but the tinted visor getting all scratched up from the inside so soon turned me off. This Gmax is a passable substitute. I'm kind of just content with it, so far. I'll have a more complete opinion in a few months.
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