First major ride.....What was I thinking?? - by: Mescalito

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First major ride.....What was I thinking?? - by: Mescalito

Postby Doc » November 13th, 2008, 8:25 pm

I was thinking.. one of the really cool things that the original VOL site used to have was the "Recent Articles" section, right on the front page. Stories were submitted and then chosen. I've seen a couple of people here spontaneously put out some really neat stores lately, so in the spirit of the old VOL, I give you, the first member article from Mescalito.

So, pretty much went on my frist "official" ride with a few friends from Oregon on a typical rainy and windy day in the NW. Yeah I know, that should of been my first clue. I ride a 2005 C50, hubby a Honda ST1300, Rick a BMW 1200RS , Bonnie rides a FJR and their daughter Meagan a lil Honda relic.

We head out in a hail of rain and me thinkin what the hell I am doing Suck it up you can do this I keep telling myself (gulp) We live in a small town just north of Vancouver WA and head out on SR503 which is a highway that would require me to reach speeds of 50mph or more not to be confused that I actually reached speeds even close to 50 that in itself is and was a hazard as I could see the line of traffic in my rear view mirror.

We reached the Fargher Lake Tavern and I can tell you I was more than happy to get of my bike. Shaking wet and thinking I could use a drink to calm my nerves I say that drink part as a joke. I opted for a cup of coffee and I honestly could of sat there till spring but I knew I would need to ride my baby back home sooner than later. We head out with it raining even harder on a windy country highway even MORE scared than when I first got on at home. Again telling myself I can do this!

Came around a sharp corner to see a downed tree leaning on the highway only to see it too late. My thoughts raced to I could lay him down or swerve quickly. Decieded that either option was not in my best interest so I lay on the throttle and hit it side on and managed to keep my bike and myself upright (no I did not chit myself) Found a safe turn off to pull myself together as thoughts raced through my mind to find my cell phone to call someone to come ride my bike the rest of the way home came and quickly left my mind. Nut it girl you have gotten this far and I am pretty sure my passenger GOD would watch over for last mile or so.

Want to thank Bonnie for hanging in there while I rode at 40mph or so, I do beleive she said she did even get her FJR out of second gear. I pull into my garage only to find hubby, Rick and Meagan full gear off ralaxing. Needless to say I could of kissed the garage floor. Lesson learned....

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