MY ROSA! - By: txblue

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MY ROSA! - By: txblue

Postby Doc » November 13th, 2008, 8:59 pm

In a land not so far away and in a time not so long ago I was deemed by King Quigg in Volusialand his Royal is with this honor, I submit my first Short Story to the NEW VOL!!!! (Enjoy Quigg)

It had been a blistering hot day, the kind where the sun seemed to be much closer than where all the science books tell us it actually is. To any cager rolling by - armed with their cell phones, air conditioning, and sealed off tinted windows they probably don't even notice the desert like atmosphere as they peer through their high dollar sunglasses oblivious to the world that surrounds them.
But for those that ride we enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature, but on days like today nature is not to be enjoyed or trivialized, it is to be respected, even honored, and if your careful it will be mercifully endured.

As we travel on our two wheeled steeds every mile is challenged as each sunray sends it's smouldering, lava-like heat at us, attempting to do it's very best to melt our tires into the pavement and turn our bright glistening chrome to powdery dry ash. We were soaked in sweat, and greasy road grime, brake dust, and car exhaust. Only a fool would venture out into this combustible climate without protection for any exposed human flesh.
Fortunately, my crew consisted of nothing but veterans of the road. Each riding their own customized nature hardened Volusia. We were heading back to Texas after spending a great week in Eureka Springs Arkansas at the Volusia Rally. We took several memorable rides there that tested ones nerve and ability, and my crew relished the challenge and the adventure. The curves were particularly exhilerating, as you could take one and lean her way over til your pantleg seemed to flutter over the asphault, as you carved a perfect line for those daring to follow and then completely roll and lean the other direction as your Vol dug in and hammered out yet another perfect curve. I felt like a surfer in Hawaii gliding through natures waves, one after the other. I am almost certain my smile was unwavering through each crested corner and at the same time nowhere near perfect as it was quite blemished with small critters of Arkansas wildlife!

One of the things that made all this so enticing was the natural beauty that surrounded us. We seemed to blend into the environment and become part of the twists and turns that made up life in this part of the country. We were embraced in a welcoming canopy of shade as several trees seemed to reach out and hold hands several hundred feet above us. It was as if we were small children playing below and they enjoyed watching us play in their world. The same way a parent might enjoy watching their own children play with others in the backyard. Each of us were transformed during the rides, and it didn't matter what you did to pay the bills, it didn't matter what part of the country you were from, it simply mattered that you were here and a part of this moment - enjoying the ride with nature. Somehow, that made everything OK with the world and even the trees approved.

We were a long way from that shade now, we were consuming water as if our lives depended on it and wrapping cold water soaked bandanas around our necks to help keep our core temperature regulated. We stopped about every hour and a half to walk around and stretch the legs at a bare minimum. This was not your weekend cruise - this was iron butt territory and we treated it as such.
Later in the evening, as the sun started to settle our adrenaline started to kick in. The sun had given us her best shot and we were still clicking off the miles on our Volusias. Almost on queue, we all looked around and smiled, the way warriors do when a silent battle has just been finished and we were the 4 left standing, smiling not in the chaos or the celebration of victory, but in the pure serene joy of survival.

As we moved off to some back roads at the Oklahoma Texas border we came up to a bar that seemed to cater to bikers. Feeling like this was a sure sign to pull over we found an area where we could park together and head in for a much needed and well earned frosty beverage. There were several people outside scattered in groups all over the place, and inside was more of the same. To the right of the entrance was a bar with several tap handles ready to be activated, and along the outer walls were huge storefront coolers that contained beers from around the world! As drinks were ordered I went to the bathroom to wash off a little road grime and check for any bug debris that might be lodged anywhere that might cause any unnecessary embarrasment while attempting to engage in conversation.
We settled into a corner table and toasted the ride so far, honoring the grueling parts left behind and the adventures that would lay ahead. Later, I began to survey the room noticing there was a lot of local talent, not only in the room, but outside in a lot of the smaller groups. One young lady in particular caught my eye - she seemed to be of hispanic descent, dressed in tight short orange shirts and a white sleeveless t-shirt that was just as tight as the shorts. Her dark hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and it was easy to make out that she kept herself in shape. I would guess she was a 36/24/34 girl, but 37/24/33 would have probably been more accurate!

I waived bye to the fellas and started outside. Now there were a small group of guys around her and as I got closer I could tell it was nervous chatter so I decided to make my move. As I got closer I interrupted the group by saying "Excuse me Miss", and as she turned I wrapped my jacket around her and told her "It's getting pretty cool out here, and I would feel very guilty if you were to get sick because of me! You see my momma raised me so that a gentleman would offer up his jacket if he saw a beautiful young lady in the cold, and if you promise not to give it to any of these guys you can keep it til your ready to leave."
Turns out her name was Rosa and she was freezing cold! Her face seemed to light up after that, and even though the chatter picked up in her group as I walked away, she kept watching me as I made a "fake trip" to my bike to pretend I was getting something. As I walked by the group again to go into the bar, I winked at her and kept going. I wasn't sure how that would be received but she nodded and tipped her beer at me. When I got back to the table, the fellas had been watching and they were like "Who in the hell is that!" She was a hooters waitress named Rosa and she was supposed to meet up with three friends but they had a flat tire so they were running late. The guys told me that they didn't know what I said to her - but she watched me walk all the way back into the bar and didn't turn back around until I got to the table.
Well, about 10 minutes later, Rosa came into the bar and made her way over to our table, I pulled a chair over and she sat beside me. As we talked we seemed to have a lot in common. She had lived or visited a lot of the places I had, and we had some of the same experiences in those areas. Then she told me how she followed Houston sports teams, was really disappointed in the Astros and Texans, but believed the Rockets might make a run at the championship this year. She even knew the starting rosters for each of those teams!!! I think I was falling for the brown eyed olive skinned girl wearing hooters gear and my Jacket!
Then she asked if I could take her for a ride on my bike! We went outside and she rubbed her hands over the handlebars "It's so big!" she whispered to me wide eyed! "I could never drive a motorcycle, it just makes me too nervous" she continued. "But I love to ride, it is so exciting!" she beamed. She hadn't been on a motorcycle since high school when her brother moved away. I straddled my Silver on Silver and Chrome beast and fired her up. She stepped back a pace and her mouth opened to form the most perfect O I had ever laid eyes on as she exclaimed "Oh MY!"

I told her to climb aboard. As her legs straddled me from behind I couldn't help but feel excitement. Then she wrapped her hands around me and hugged me tightly and at that very moment I wished for an anatomical impossibility - I wished my back had a full set of hands as I know her breasts were calling out to me to be held softly and caressed. But, being the mere mortal I am, I leaned back into her as subtly as I could as she pressed forward! God it felt good!

There wasn't enough clearance for us to move the bike forward, and I could see the fellas watching me with devilish grins and raised beer bottles, as I turned my head to look back as I started to back up the beast. I revved on the throttle and the thunder made all who surveyed the area take notice! Once I was far enough back I revved on the throttle again and prepared to shift her into gear so we could head out on our own little private adventure - apparently the bike wasn't in neutral like I thought - and apparently I let go of the clutch because - I suddenly found the bike lurching forward at an incredible speed, we were falling! As I looked down I saw all the gravel and knew this was going to be painful. The next thing I knew Rosa was standing over me pulling at my arm "Ron" are you okay!? As she pulled at my arm I noticed quite a bit of cleavage and thought to myself, if I can get the bike back up we can still have a great little adventure just me and my little Rosa!

"Ron" are you OK?"

This perfect woman seems to sincerely be concerned with my well being! This must be destiny.........

"Ron! Ron!" - I pushed Rosa's arm away gently, smiling, and saying "I'm OK baby!" But the tugging didn't stop. Which was strange because Rosa was standing there smiling at me and her arms were at her side. She had taken my jacket off and man was she looking good! Almost like a model who was posing and I kept hearing her voice calling to me - but her mouth and her perfect lips didn't seem to be moving now........

"RON! - RON!".....something was horribly wrong, Rosa was disappearing before my eyes into some evil mist-like substance.......... or, was I the one being consumed by the evil mist-like substance? Was the fall actually worse than I thought? What's going to happen to my Rosa?

Who in the hell was tugging on my arm!

At that moment, I apparently awoke from a deep sleep and opened my eyes. My wife was standing there pulling my arm.

"RON - You said you were going to take me shopping this morning!" "Remember!"

What!!!????? Another great dream - shot to hell! lol

PS - If you see Rosa could you ask her for my Jacket, it's the one with the Volusia Owners League Patch on the back!

Take it easy out there Volusians!

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