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Since I have gotten many questions, and in the interest of full disclosure..

  • This site is professionally hosted on Blue Host - http://www.bluehost.com/about_us.html
  • We have 1.5 Terabytes of space for the site, posts, and pictures. To give you an idea of this amount, it would be about 6,600,000 gallery pictures at the highest allowed size and resolution. Space should not be a problem. To date, we've used 0.009271% of the space available.
  • We have 15 Terabytes of bandwidth transfer per month available. In the last month, we used 0.011655% of the available bandwidth.
  • The server is an 8 processor Linux machine that has 24/7 support and back-ups.
  • The url "http://volusiaowners.com" was donated to us by Uwe Druckenmueller at Cruiser Customizing. He did not want compensation for the domain, he just gave it to us.
  • The domain "C-50owners.com" will also bring you to this site.
  • I paid $168 for two years of service with Blue Host starting March 5th 2008, and no, I don't want donations to reimburse me. I am doing this because I enjoy it, and because I want to. This is my gift to you all.
  • From start to finish, it took me 2 days to completely set up and configure the site.

I'm a Systems Administrator by trade. Specifically, I support and maintain the financial systems for a pharmaceutical research company with around 3000 employees. My skills include Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle APEX, PHP, PERL, and several other programming languages.

And lastly - Many of you have already figured it out, so there is no sense in playing anonymous anymore.. I am DocO.

Please enjoy the site.

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