Here I go again,,,

Want to talk about motorcycles that you own that aren't a C50 or a Volusia? Here's the spot for that.
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Re: Here I go again,,,

Postby Wrench » January 20th, 2013, 10:51 am

Well, the mods started yesterday. I found a used set of Roadhouse slip-ons from a neighbor of the guy I got the bike from. Picked them up Friday, cleaned them up and put them on yesterday. Man, they do sound sweet, more like Blackie did with the Bub's. Still planning on doing an air cleaner mod too, just haven't had much time since I went back to work. My little part-timer has turned into a 5 day-a-weeker during the busy tanning season. But hey, it gives me a few more $$'s for accy's!!

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