Has ANYONE lowered a 2010 or later C90?

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Has ANYONE lowered a 2010 or later C90?

Postby ronken10 » November 26th, 2017, 9:35 pm

I bought a 2015 C90 BOSS 3 months age. Already put almost 5k on her, mostly running up to North Carolina from Alabama and riding the mountain roads......so I know I can ride her. I still think that I would be much more comfortable (feel safer and secure) if she was lowered an inch or two. I'm 5'7" and sometimes have to tip toe a little. I'm also 65 y/o and not as strong as I used to be..... My question is, has ANYONE lowered a C90 made after 2010? They changed the frame and made the support bolts bigger so the pre 2010 links won't fit. I finally found some from Taiwan and ordered a pair. Any advice (other then getting a smaller bike) on putting them on? Can I do it by myself or take it to a dealer/mechanic? I put them on my first C50 by myself but left them off my second C50....I loved my C50s but wanted more power in my last bike. Any knowledge will be appreciated.
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