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Marcin's how-to's and other - videos

Postby Marcin » April 27th, 2013, 1:08 pm

Hi gents,

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I'd like to share what I've done so far with/for/next to my bike.
I hope that it will be helpful to some of you guys. I had a lot of fun doing these and will continue as I progress with my knowledge and tests.

First, and most important, this is my bike:

For the rest of my sweat and bloody, hop in to my channel, I want to keep that topic short.

What you'll find there is:
Oximiser 900 installation
Throttle cable adjustment
DIY chrome fork caps
Liftmaster Powerjack unboxing and assembly
Custom chrome grips unboxing, review and installation
Air filter cleaning
Sat Nav kit for HTC One X installation

Also you'll find there 4 part Photoshop workshop on how to mod your bike digitally - great way to see how your bike will look like before you actually get to doing it.

Have a look chaps and let me know if that was interesting/helpful.
It's nothing state-of-the-art by any means...I'm new to bikes and I'm new to anything bike related and the videos show my learning curve.

All the best.

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Re: Marcin's how-to's and other - videos

Postby Luvs2Play » April 27th, 2013, 11:00 pm

I'll start watching when I get some time. Taking the time to make the vids is a good thing.

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