Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

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Re: Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

Postby Wrench » August 24th, 2012, 9:06 am

I'm not going to make it this year, but I'll be thinking about ya'll. I got invited to go with a couple of guys starting Sept.11 with a couple of days in the Smokies, then up the Blue Ridge, to Gettysburg and the York HD plant. They're talking about 10-12 days total. I'm going to try to do it all if the back doesn't act up, it's gotten SOOO much better over the last 3 months. It'll be a lot better too since I'll have another "road sofa" to do it on. Gonna miss seeing my 'necks! :(

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Re: Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

Postby Jimysan » August 26th, 2012, 3:18 pm

Wrench wrote:Gonna miss seeing my 'necks! :(

Me 2.
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Re: Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

Postby jammie girl » August 27th, 2012, 4:33 am

Small room fireside is fine for us!

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Re: Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

Postby Shady » August 27th, 2012, 7:46 pm

Whatever room is fine for us. Check your mail Derrick.

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Re: Fall RNR 2012 - Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

Postby fiv_oh_po_po » August 25th, 2016, 7:05 am

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