rejetting & mechanics who don't listen.

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rejetting & mechanics who don't listen.

Postby Eagle » October 10th, 2014, 2:02 pm

Just wanted to note that sure glad that VOL had gotten and saved the old original files on rejetting. They sure helped in the past, and had to have them again because of an issue with bike and dealer.

Anyway, while they were fixing (hosing up) some things ... that made me sure regret taking it to them...... had them put the K&N filter on (already had aftermarket pipes) and they were to rejet , etc. while there. Well, we discussed "jet" sizes...... and as all mechanics, they think customers are stupid and they are the only experts in the world. The bike ran perfectly as it was, before the K&N. But , them really not understanding the cold blooded nature of a Volusia .... kept the jets the same (didnt' change anything) and lied about it.

They were paid for rejetting it, but things weren't right (starting issue, running too lean, etc) ...... long story short .... got down to tearing things down and that's when discovered they never changed the jets..... that they were paid for changing. They had kept talking about how they thought the jets were toooooo big, and I kept telling them they didn't understand the cold blooded nature of a Volusia. Guess they were going to prove they were right, and in the process... proved they were crooks (getting paid for something they didn't do ) and were wrong in the process as well.

So, back to redoing what the dealer didn't do and was paid for, because they didn't do that part at all, let alone right.

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Re: rejetting & mechanics who don't listen.

Postby Doc » October 13th, 2014, 10:34 am

It can be difficult to find a competent mechanic. Worse is to find one that thinks he's competent but isn't. Glad the files are still here to help.

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Re: rejetting & mechanics who don't listen.

Postby Rob » October 13th, 2014, 8:53 pm

One thing VOL members almost always agreed on was many dealers couldn't be trusted. Fortunately some of the original VOL pioneers were really gifted mechanically (not to mention many other ways, comedy, literary skills, etc) and donated a lot of their knowledge free of charge to novices like me, who was lucky to get thru an oil change without causing oil spills of Exxon and BP proportions!

Rejetting was the one thing I put off way too long. Fortunately the rejetting docs were still here, thanks to Doc. The bike has run a lot better ever since but I still need to dig back in one day and go one jet size larger.
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